Top Five Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Real Estate

1. Work With an Agent With Experience That You Can Trust.

Real estate agents are definitely not all the same. Be sure you choose a realtor that you can trust and makes you confident in your decisions about your property. Your Gross Waddell agent will put you at ease and guide you through the whole process.


2. Know Your Position But Check Your Expectations.

You’re selling a major investment, so of course you’re going to do your research but be mindful that your data is current and your expectations are at the market level. Your Gross Waddell agent will always strive to get you the best price but also present you with the most current and fair market data relevant to your situation.


3. Make Sure You’re Ready to Sell, Emotionally.

If you’re selling your property do not underestimate your emotional investment in the property. The same goes for selling a place of business that you’ve been a part of. Be sure you’re ready to sell.


4. Prepare Your Property for Sale.

Secure and maintain any major repairs or upgrades that your property requires so that, upon inspection, potential buyers don’t have any reason to walk straight back out the door. A pre-sale inspection can be arranged by your Gross Waddell agent and will highlight any necessary maintenance and save hassle during the sales process.


5. Get Your Paperwork in Order.

In every property transaction the list of documentation required is extensive; start early and get everything in order before you give yourself a sell-by date. Your Gross Waddell agent will assist with compiling all your paperwork.

Why Should You Sell With Gross Waddell?

Your property and marketing campaigns are in the right hands with Gross Waddell. Not only are you tapping into a current and active nationwide database of investors, developers or owner/occupiers, as well as international networks, but also our highly skilled and experienced sales teams are backed completely by our Owner Principals who believe in having a hands-on approach to client success.


For the past two years our sales clearance rates have been well above industry standards and our enviable list of repeat and loyal clients are testament to how our clients’ success is core to our business.


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