Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Gross Waddell to Manage Your Property Assets

Your property assets are in the right hands with Gross Waddell.


1. It’s What We Do Every Day That Makes The Difference.

Managing our client’s assets means accepting our clients’ hard won trust; be it for institutional or individual property owners. The Gross Waddell asset management team will work hard to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ properties on a daily basis.


Our solution-oriented team is committed to one objective: using our extensive industry knowledge, experience, consultative approach and personalised care to help our clients maximize the value of their real estate assets.


2. Our Goal is to Help Owners Achieve Their Own Goals.

Whether our clients’ own large portfolios or individual properties, we bring to them a custom mix of products and services, including property management, tenant relations, facilities management, compliance and risk management, environmental management, and property specific accounting solutions to help them get the most out of their property investments.


Our broad range of services are designed to meet the needs of our clients in a rapidly changing property environment, focusing on:


  • Property management
  • Tenant relations
  • Construction design and management
  • Implementing operational efficiencies
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Master planning and pre-leasing
  • Compliance and risk management


3. We’re Utilising Technology for Today and Tomorrow.

Gross Waddell’s asset services team is redefining service excellence with a delivery platform based on industry-leading technology. Our client management programs support swift access, clear communication and collaboration across all service areas, providing both our team and our clients’ with access to a range of information, 24 hours a day.


4. You Get to Experience a True Customer Service Culture.

Close working relationships are developed face-to-face and grow with time, understanding and trust. With this being our goal, the Gross Waddell asset services team demonstrate a customer service culture that empowers every team member, at every level, to take pride in setting new benchmarks for achieving true customer satisfaction. We have the skills, tools and knowledge required for success in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


5. It’s What We Do Every Day.

Gross Waddell asset management provides real estate owners and investors with measurable solutions focused on enhancing value for all asset types on a daily basis.


To meet the unique needs of our clients, we utilise multiple business solutions to implement an individual value enhancement plan for each asset – we plan to create and protect value with a focus on revenue enhancement, operational efficiency, and service excellence to the occupiers.

Why Have Gross Waddell Manage Your Investment?

Your property assets are in the right hands with Gross Waddell. Our Property Management team operates to the highest of service delivery standards and is committed to preserving and improving the value of our client’s assets.


Gross Waddell is your strongest advocate in all negotiations, backed by the latest industry knowledge and legislative requirements, we ensure maximum safety, presentation and value is retained at all times.


Gross Waddell Provide Commercial and Residential Asset Management

Office Buildings and Complexes



Medical Consulting


Large Format Retail

Residential Apartments and Homes

Services Provided by Gross Waddell

Financial Management

Investment performance review

Financial budgets and forecasts

Rent and outgoings collection and management of expenditure arrears

Physical Management

Presentation, Inspections, Safety and Duty of Care

Tenancy Management

Energy Management

Leasing of Vacant Areas

Lease Administration