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Top Five Things You Should Consider Before Leasing Your Property

1. Work With a Leasing Agent With Experience That You Can Trust.

Real estate agents are definitely not all the same. Be sure you choose a leasing agent that you can trust and makes you confident in your decisions about your property. Your Gross Waddell agent will put you at ease and guide you through the whole process.


2. Know Your Position But Check Your Expectations.

You’re leasing a major investment, so of course you’re going to do your research but be mindful that your rental expectations are at the market level. Your Gross Waddell leasing agent will present you with the most current market data relevant to your situation and always strive to get you the best deal and the best tenant.


3. Ensure You’re Insured.

Make sure you take out landlord insurance and are aware of exactly what is covered and for how much. Insure your investment as you would any other source of business income. Many policies have core offerings but the ‘extras’ are many and varied and what you may assume is covered is not always the case. Your Gross Waddell leasing agent or property manager will be able to offer advice on what options best suit your situation.


4. Do Things ‘By The Book’.

Treat the property as an income source and a business. Be prepared to keep all correspondence regarding the property in writing and be comfortable with the fact that you will have obligations and responsibilities to the property and eventual tenant. Your Gross Waddell leasing agent or property manager will take you through all your responsibilities as a landlord and ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.


5. Have Your Documentation in Order.

In every property leasing transaction the list of documentation required is extensive and is required to protect all parties entering into lease; start early and get everything in order before you push for occupancy. Your Gross Waddell agent will assist with compiling all your paperwork.

Why Should You Lease With Gross Waddell?

Your property assets are in the right hands with Gross Waddell.


Our highly skilled and experienced leasing team is backed completely by our Owner Principals who believe in having a hands-on approach to client success. Our leasing process and current and curated database of commercial and residential tenants ensures that your property is occupied quickly, with minimum hassle.


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