Local Focus With Global Reach

Gross Waddell was founded by Michael Gross and Andrew Waddell with a unified vision to help clients grow their wealth through property. We are one of Australia’s most agile, well-resourced and trusted commercial and residential property agencies.

Our culture, our expertise, and above all, our people are each exceptional and the cornerstones of the Gross Waddell offering.


The Gross Waddell Difference

Gross Waddell is in the business of creating wealth for our clients through investment in commercial and residential real estate.

The Gross Waddell difference is that you deal with the owner principals and senior management of the business who are committed to ensuring an excellent outcome is achieved.

Your success is the core of our business.

Professional Property Services

Since the firms’ inception in 1994, Gross Waddell has risen to the challenge of maintaining a competitive advantage within the changeable nature of the Global real estate market.

Subject to variable economic conditions and the increasing burden of legislative requirements, Gross Waddell has satisfied the ever-growing needs of our valued and loyal client base through appropriate and systematic service expansion.

Our specialist service offerings comprehensively span end-to-end investment management.